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Fischer Angling super tuning reel service will take your baitcast fishing reel to another level in performance.  The main components of the super tuning reel service consist of:  Bearings, the spool shaft, the braking system and the drag system.  Don’t be fooled into a high-priced super tuning reel service if all four of these elements aren’t addressed.  The Fischer Angling super tuning reel service includes the following.

Bearings:  Fischer Angling ABEC 7 Orange Seal Ceramic bearings will be installed on each super tuned reel.  This is a pair of our ceramic bearings. If you’d like to upgrade even further we can replace all internal bearings or bushings to ceramic bearings.

Spool shaft: Each baitcast reel will have the main three spool friction points polished to a mirror-like finish. This removes any blemish that you might have on your spool shaft

Braking system:  The brake housing will be polished to a mirror-like finish.  This removes any blemish that you might have on your brake casing allowing the brake collars to glide effortlessly when casting.

Drag system: Fischer Angling Carbontex carbon fiber drag washers are of the highest quality in the industry.  Our super tuning reel service will replace all your old paper or felt drag washers with carbon fiber.  This allows you the highest level of drag performance.    

Fishing reel repair, maintenance & super tuning is our business.  We pride ourselves in doing things right the first time so you’re prepared when out on the water.  Tight lines and smooth casts!  

**This service will need to be added onto the appropriate reel maintenance**

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Fischer Angling super tuning reel service will take your baitcast fishing reel to another level in performance.  Ever since people have been throwing a line into the water they’ve wanted to find better ways to get the line out further and smoother.   The modern baitcast fishing reel has helped tremendously with this however there are ways to create better casting distance with the smoothest reel possible.  Super tuning takes a traditional off-the-shelf baitcast reel and turns it from a good reel into a great reel.  It’s like upgrading a car to make it faster.

The Fischer Angling super tuning reel service main components are:  Bearings, the spool shaft, the braking system and the drag system.  Don’t be fooled into a high-priced reel super tuning service if all four of these elements aren’t addressed.  

The Bearings

Super tuning reel service generally starts with a good bearing.  With the Fischer Angling Super tuning service your baitcast reel will be outfitted with a pair of our ABEC 7 ceramic bearings.  These ceramic bearings will increase casting distance AND, with proper maintenance, last a lifetime.  Ceramic bearings will reduce rolling resistance and conserve energy.  We’ve seen our fair share of bearings and after an intense testing process we’ve found what we feel are the highest quality ceramic fishing reel bearings in the industry. 

Do Ceramic bearings make a difference?  Yes, on average you will get an increase of 15% to 20% casting distance from installing these bearings.  Some reels have seen increases upwards of 26.6% cast distance.  Ceramic by its nature is lighter than steel by about 2/3 the weight, it is harder than steel when in ball form and is virtually frictionless because it is non-porous. A ceramic hybrid bearing has steel races with ceramic balls. The balls will never corrode or rust. Ceramic Hybrid fishing reel bearings in ABEC 7 can be fitted in all the popular fishing reels. 

Are they worth the cost?  Yes, Fischer Angling Ceramic Bearings are of the highest quality in the market.  Quality control and technology is what you’re paying for.  Sure there are imitation ceramic bearings out there but they don’t have the QC that Fischer Anglings Ceramic Bearings have been through. 

When fishing you always want to cover as much ground as possible throughout the day.  An additional 20% adds up to some major distance.  It could be the difference between getting skunked or catching your limit.

The Spool Shaft 

The spool shaft has three points that cause friction.  These are the spool shaft ends and the a small area that runs through the pinion gear. Our super tuning reel service process polishes these three points to a mirror-like finish, removing all corrosion, divots, and scratches that hinder the reels performance.

When the spool shaft friction points are polished you will get much better control and consistency.  If the spool ends are rough or the pinion gear is scratched or dirty, the spool will spin inconsistently.  When casting, these small inconsistencies will create speed changes.  These small speed changes cause hitches in the casting process which in turn decreases the distance, consistency and accuracy of your casts.  You will normally start noticing these small inconsistencies when your casts become shorter or you’re getting frequent backlashes.  This is also the time when you might want to consider going with a super tuning reel service.  

The Braking System

Another important area addressed with the super tuning reel service is the centrifugal brake system. The braking system on a baitcast reel will normally consist of 4 to 6 collars that can be adjusted by snapping them in or out.  These collars lightly touch the brake housing when you are casting by using centrifugal force which will slow the spool down.  If the brake housing has any rough spots or is corroded this is going to cause the collars to bounce around.  This is another area where inconsistencies will affect the speed of the spool.  As these collars hit these rough areas you’ll see a decrease in speed which then causes a decrease in casting distance or even more regular backlashes.  One caveat to this is a magnetic braking system.   Super tuning is not going to improve performance with magnetic braking systems because the brake collars are not used in this type of system.  

The Drag System

The drag system for any reel relates to the tension put on the line when fighting a fish or getting hung on something.  For a baitcast reel you adjust your drag by increasing or decreasing the tension on your drag controller.  This is the knob that often looks like a star that is connected to the handle.  This knob puts pressure on what we refer to as drag washers which are located within the reel.  The more drag tension the tighter the washers get.  The drag washers are the components we replace during the super tuning reel service process.  

Fischer Angling Carbontex carbon fiber drag washers are the ultimate in fishing reel drag systems. Tough and almost impervious to heat, Carbontex is a quantum leap over the brittle paper washers fitted to so many factory fishing reels.

When used in a fishing reel drag system Carbontex drag washers become much smoother in operation, more reliable, more durable and hold up better than any other drag washer material.  For those reasons Fischer Angling Carbontex fiber drag washers are perfect for the super tuning process.  Each washer is die-cut to match the size of your particular brand and make of fishing reel.  

You will be delivered with a much smoother drag with added stopping power.  Carbon Drag washers deliver up to 20% more drag power.  They also eliminate sticking drags which can cause line breakage.  

Drag washers come in many different sizes and numbers within each particular reel.  Most reels typically have two drag washers.  The super tuning reel service will include however many drag washers your reel is outfitted with.  

**This service will need to be added onto the appropriate reel maintenance**

We hope that this was helpful and that you’ll choose us for your fishing reel repair and maintenance services.  


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