Reels need to be both: 1) delivered to our location and 2) shipped back to you.  The shipping that is paid for during checkout is to return the reel(s) to you.  We will always return ship the reel to you for a faster turnaround. 

Deliver to our location options:  1) you can use our online Shipping Calculator to purchase shipping from the convenience of your home. The Shipping Calculator is located in the menu drop-down under 'Ship To Us'.  2) you can take your reel(s) to any of our drop-off locations.    

If you are only purchasing products then this is very much like any other website where you would normally pay for shipping to you.  
Yes, the system will create an account for you when you go through the checkout process. You'll receive an email asking to setup your Username and Password. We opted not to have a guest checkout as it can cause issues when trying to get in contact with customers. The data is housed in an ultra-secure site that is only used for your order. You have the option to subscribe to our newsletter to keep in touch with new product updates, maintenance tips, etc.

Please check your Spam mailbox as the confirmation email for account setup might have been flagged depending upon your mail system.
Fischer Angling™ has been providing a custom reel repair experience since 2009. We took a hiatus however to focus on our other careers. Please take a look at our About Us page to learn more about our story.
We pride ourselves on getting your reel(s) back to you in record time. Many places take months to do this however we try to get reels shipping back to customer within 10 business days of receipt. Sometimes we'll need to order parts that we don't stock which can hold up the process. We also limit the amount of reels we take in each week.
Due to many web email systems being very restrictive there is a chance that our emails will hit your spam folder. We ask that you check your spam folder as this can happen.


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