The Fischer Angling™ Story

When I'm outdoors I like my gear to be in top working condition.  That doesn't mean I need the most expensive or the fanciest but I'm going to do it right and invest in gear that won't let me down.  The worst thing to have happen to you on a day where you've spent so much time planning is to have your fishing reels break down.  Being able to add that extra 10 yards to a cast may be the difference between a good day and a really good day.  
I always had an interest in taking things apart when they broke, repairing them and putting them back together in better working order. That led me to taking my reels apart, cleaning them and being prepared for when I'm out on the water. Backlashes are going to happen with casting reels but being able to cast further distances, reduce backlashes and never have my gear break down gives me peace of mind so I can enjoy my passion.
In 2009 I decided to start Fischer Angling™ in Houston in the pursuit of helping anglers maintain and repair their reels within a reasonable timeframe and at a fair cost.  In about 2 years I had a helped a lot of people and was repairing quite a bit of reels.  However I was at a cross-roads between a corporate job and a job that I was passionate about.  I chose to continue my corporate lifestyle as it was all that I knew.  
Fast forward 10 years with the pandemic and the passing of my lifelong fishing partner I re-evaluated my life and decided to pursue my passion and restart Fischer Angling™ in full force.  
My promise to you is that I will be fair, honest, friendly and always available for help.  

Be safe out there and keep those lines tight!

-Chris Fischer


To create and build trust with customers by providing the highest quality services in a timely and cost-conscious manner.  To help give fellow anglers the confidence they deserve when out on the water enjoying their pastime.  And to build life-long friendships with people who share our passion for angling and conservation.   

In loving memory of Thomas Fischer

Thank you Dad for all the wonderful times we spent as a family outdoors, for teaching us how to treat our responsibilities and our family.  Thank you for being our best friend and the greatest Dad anyone could wish for. You're always in our hearts. We love and miss you.


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