Spinning Reel Repair and Maintenance


Surprisingly a spinning reel can be as complex as a casting reel to repair and maintain and still requires regular maintenance and servicing.  At Fischer Angling we will completely tear down the reel and inspect every part to make sure the reel is in top working condition.  If there is a spinning reel repair or part needed we’ll contact you in advance for approval of this repair.  We then properly oil and grease the bearings, gears and other small moving parts.  Our inspection process includes testing each piece of the reel making sure that everything is working properly.  

The following are factors that effect the frequency of needing spinning reel repair or maintenance services:  Saltwater environments will take more of a toll on your reel than freshwater environments.  If you add saltwater wading to your fishing style this is another element which will greatly increase the wear on your reels.  We recommend a comprehensive spinning reel repair and maintenance servicing based around your fishing style. 

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Spinning reel repair and maintenance services include:

  1. Initial reel inspection
  2. Reel tear down
  3. Parts and bearing inspection
  4. Customer outreach and approval if additional parts needed*
  5. Ultrasonic parts and bearing cleaning
  6. Oil and grease reel parts
  7. Reassembly of reel
  8. Final inspection test/review

*Approved additional parts costs will be invoiced to customer prior to returning reel.

Return shipping to you as a customer is a flat-rate included in the checkout process.

Our spinning reel repair and maintenance services are considered by many to be the best in Texas.  That’s a tall order when you consider the amount of fresh- and salt-water anglers we have in this state.  At Fischer Angling we want to provide you with an experience rather than being just a typical online shopping site.  That is why we continuously provide our customers with an abundance of educational tools as well as our services and merchandise.  We want to be your first source when it comes to your fishing needs.  

Service offerings include: Online tutorials, reel reviews & equipment reviews through our YouTube site.  Every type of spinning reel repair and maintenance service.  Updates on new equipment within the industry.  We also value our customers opinions and encourage everyone to ask questions when you need help.  We’re here to provide our customers with the type of service we also expect.  

The Spinning Reel Defined

Many anglers are opting to go with a spinning reel compared to a baitcast reel because of the ease of use and the much shorter learning curve.  Another advantage to a spinning reel is when using ultralight line and light bait or lures.  Finding the best spinning reel that matches your style of fishing can be a challenge. 

The Parts of a Spinning Reel

Spinning reels are also referred to as open-faced reels.  A differentiator from a baitcast reel is that a spinning reel is mounted to the underside of the fishing rod.  This poses some other choices that you’ll need to make as you’ll need a spinning rod rather than a baitcast rod.  They aren’t interchangeable.  Spinning reels are great for beginners because of their ease of use and they are less likely to get tangles in the line.  A spinning reel has eight main parts, they are: the reel foot, reel handle, reel body, anti-reverse switch, the bail, line spool, spool release and drag adjustment and line roller.

Picking the Correct Spinning Reel Size

The size of the fishing line you will use most often is an easy way to determine the size of spinning reel you choose.  The lighter the line you intend to use, the smaller the reel you should purchase.  Make sure that the reel you’re buying is rated for the pound-test line you intend to use, check the line capacity information found on the spool of the reel.

Spinning Reel Body & Weight

Spinning reel bodies are often made from graphite or aluminum, or a combination of both. Aluminum housing is stronger than graphite and exhibits less flex; however, graphite is lighter. Higher quality freshwater reels tend to have aluminum bodies while saltwater reels are generally made from graphite.  Spinning reel repair and maintenance services also depends on whether you’re fishing in fresh or saltwater.  Ultimately the choice it up to you if you want a stronger reel or a lighter reel.  The stronger the reel the heavier it might be which can cause fatigue on your forearm and wrist.  If you spend a lot of time on the water we recommend choosing a lighter reel.  This might cost a little more but after a day of fishing you’ll notice a big difference in how tired your arm is. 

Spinning Reel Gear Ratio

A spinning reel has a fixed spool so the gear ratio is measured a little different than a casting reel.  For a spinning reel the gear ratio is the number of times the bail rotates around the spool with a single turn of the reel handle. On a reel with a 5:1 gear ratio, the bail rotates around the spool five times for every turn of the handle. A 5:1 ratio is a standard ratio for many anglers and will work in most circumstances.  However, if you are needing a slow retrieve choose a 4:1 and a high retrieve is normally at 6:1.  Remember as well that the smaller the gear ratio the more torque you have when reeling in a fish.  The benefit is that these reels provide more torque for reeling in large fish.  Each reel should also have the line measurement for each turn of the handle.  

Drag Systems on a Spinning Reel

The drag on any reel helps apply pressure when you have a fish hooked.  When you’ve got a fish hooked you want to be able to adjust the drag while reeling in.  If you don’t have a smooth drag system it can be difficult to fight a hooked fish and can result in a broken line and lost fish. 

There are two choices for drag setups with a spinning reel.  These are a front or rear drag system.   Front-drag systems generally have larger drag washers which gives you more performance compared to the rear-drag models.  I personally like a front drag system because I find it easier to control when fighting a fish.  Because of where these larger drag washers are located, the exposure to the elements could require more frequent spinning reel repair and maintenance services.    

Ball Bearings in a Spinning Reel

Spinning reels can come with either ball bearings or bushings that add smoothness, support and stability. Most spinning reels contain a roller bearing within the line roller.  The more bearings a reel has the smoother the reel.  Most reels come with stainless bearings however a quality spinning reel can upgrade to ceramic bearings for an even smoother experience.  I recommend a spinning reel with bearings as opposed to bushings.  They will cost more however they will perform so much better.

There are many different spinning reels out there and the choice can seem daunting.  Find a reel that meets your needs and your wallet.  Periodic spinning reel repair and maintenance is also a priority when keeping your reel in top-notch order.  There’s nothing worse than being out on the water with a reel that isn’t working correctly.  It can easily turn a great day into a disaster and we don’t want that to ever happen!  

We hope that this was helpful and that you’ll choose us for your spinning reel repair and maintenance services.  

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